Task Killer for Iphone 4s?

Joy Asked: Task Killer for Iphone 4s?

I switched from the Droid Bionic to the iPhone 4s and am used to having the task killer.Is there any apps for the iPhone 4s that will do the same to save of battery life?I know the iPhone multitasks very well and is not slow at all with all the apps running but I find myself having to charge my phone all the time.So any help or advice would be appreciated!


Relax its Only a Cartoon Answered:
If you jailbreak the phone, you can use SBSsettings. With that program, if you slide your fing on the bar on top you'll get some icons. Press the processes icon. To jailbreak your phone, download redsnow and click jailbreak and follow the instructions. Otherwise you can download process killer pro from the app store for $2.99

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