my iphone 4s is dying way too fast?

brandon Asked: my iphone 4s is dying way too fast?

for example, i leave on standby for 2 hours and the battery drops 10%. And if im using it, it drops even faster. i just got it about a week ago. HELP?


Answer Answered:
That's way too abnormal if you are using iOS 5.1 , after i have updated to the latest iOS . is very much different, it last longer .
Btw, those apps that you open before will still run on background. So one of the way is to close the apps by double clicking your home button, then you will able to see bunch of apps, long press the apps then tap the cross to close it. It will save you a lot batt.

Mayank Answered:
Okay it's probably because you haven't fully closed your apps… To fully close them double click your home button and at the bottom of your screen will appear your apps. Press and hold your finger on one until it starts jiggling around and a little red negative appears above it. Click the negative on every app until none are left… Hope this helps

Rachell Answered:
Turn off the wifi

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