Iphone 4 battery dead?

Trevor Asked: Iphone 4 battery dead?

2 days ago i plugged in my iphone 4 it was nearly dead (about 5% battery) left but would not charge. It then ran completely dead regardless of my charging efforts since. It now wont even show the red battery with the need to charge icon, just a black screen. Some background info ive had it for about 10 months and have dropped it a couple times there are some cracks on the front as well as the back but it has worked fine ever since this incident. Any suggestions on what i should do and what the problem might be, i hope it is just in need of a new battery but i fear it could be something more severe

thanks for the help!


Bailey Answered:
Need new battery

Five Times Answered:
Charging attempts? You mean you plugged it in. Maybe your charger is not working.

Tom Answered:
Did you make sure the outlet works or you might need a new battery.You may want to take it to where you bought it from or go to an Apple store.

Brooke Answered:
If it definitely won't charge then take it to an apple store and ask them what they can do. The problem with iPhones is you can't take out the battery yourself or anything like that. Apple staff will know what to do, so your only real solution is to let them check it out

Majid Jan Answered:
Change your Battery!

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